Energy Insight offer cost-effective utility metering and sub-metering solutions for all scenarios, including electricity, water, gas, compressed air, steam, etc. Together with in-house developed, meter-agnostic Energy Management Software, Energy Insight provide turn-key solutions that are custom fitted to suit any requirement.

Detailed sub-metering enables owners/facility managers to accurately measure and determine cost allocation of various energy loads, as well as to highlight inefficiencies and/or problems within sets of energy consuming equipment within a facility.

The same applies to the metering of other utilities, such as water. Easily pick up on problems or abnormalities, increasing the cost effectiveness of maintenance.

Devices are interconnected and all feed live and historical data to a central server or hosting platform, through which demand reporting and energy trending and analyses can be performed. This, in conjunction with telemetry and alarming devices give a detailed view into the inner workings of any facility.

Energy Managers, Plant Managers, Property Owners and Facility Managers can focus on their core business, while we provide you with accurate utility management information and other add services.

Services offered:

  • Energy Trend Analysis
  • Energy Reporting (Flexible interactive reports – support for graphics and data)
  • Utility Bill verification (Support of Flat Rate to complex Time-of-use tariffs)
  • Tariff Analysis and comparison
  • Cost Allocation and Billing Services (Business Units, processes, buildings & tenant billing)
  • Track energy consumption with energy forecasting (User friendly Dashboard) – Avoid Penalties
  • Critical Site monitoring and alarming


  • Subscription based service
  • User friendly and easy to use
  • Minimum Capital outlay
  • Fully web based solution
  • Secure Logon
  • Energy Conservation and Higher Electricity Tariffs:

Metering Specialist: Hennie Naude

Critical Site


Critical Site Monitoring is an important aspect of facilities management for many corporates, which certain services or sites are required to operate within very specific regimes, and where deviating from those regimes incurs damage and/or loss of income. This applies in particular to facilities with the banking sector, telecommunications industry, public services, pumping stations, waste plants, etc.

Energy Insight have the expertise and tools to accommodate any requirement. A wide range of telemetry devices enable communication and gathering of operational data from various installations, enabling real-time monitoring and alarming via your chosen form of communication (web browser, SMS, e-mail, etc.)

Various examples include:

  • Fuel management systems
  • Process monitoring and alarming
  • Energy security systems (generators, etc.)
  • Demand management

Critical Site Monitoring Expert: Hennie Naude



The industrial and commercial sectors, as well as other large power consumers are often victims of poor power quality, whether from internal problems with equipment and/or distribution, which is the most likely, or from poor power quality received from an external source.

Poor power quality, such as high instances of harmonics or voltage sags/swells can be damaging to electrical equipment within your facility. Poor power factors, caused by inductive or capacitive equipment within a particular facility can result in higher than expected electricity costs.

Energy Insight offers the full range of power conditioning services, including the following:

  • Power Factor Correction
  • Voltage Regulation
  • Harmonic Mitigation

Experienced engineers at Energy Insight perform detailed power quality analyses before proposing specific solutions applicable to each site/facility. Power loggers are installed at various locations within the facility, where it is deemed necessary.

A detailed proposal is issued, containing historical power profiles, proposed equipment changes, ROI analyses and energy forecasting, for the client to make a informed decisions.

Power Conditioning Specialist: Johan Roos



Energy Insight performs comprehensive energy audits of any facility. These audits include physical instantaneous measurements, energy data logging, nameplate estimation and bill analysis, all in order to determine the best possible solution for any required efficiency improvements, which in-turn directly influence cost savings.

Costs savings can be realised in various ways:

  • Energy savings due to on-off control
    • Automated control of processes or energy consumers, switching off equipment when not in use.
  • Energy savings due to process control optimization
    • Temperature control
    • Speed control (motors, VSD, etc.)
  • Energy savings due to process upgrades/changes
    • Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) on centrifugal pumps and fans enable better flow control than dampers or valves.
    • Passive cooling fans replace air conditioning (where appropriate), eliminating the need for energy-hungry compressors.
  • Cost savings due to Power Factor Correction
    • Although PFC does not reduce real energy (kWh) usage, it does reduce costs by lowering the apparent energy (kVAh) usage (for which most large consumers are billed), by reducing the reactive energy usage (kVArh).
  • Cost savings from electrical tariff analysis
    • A detailed tariff analysis can determine where supply costs can be reduced, such as Demand Reduction, Power Factor Correction, and load-shifting.

Energy Efficiency Expert: Johan Roos



Renewable Energy is fast becoming more and more viable as Gas and Electricity prices soar. Energy Insight offer turn-key solutions for singular and/or hybrid renewable power solutions, from detailed analysis to design, supply, construction and commissioning.

Commercial and residential solutions are on offer, all of which are designed bespoke to each unique requirement.

We specialise in various energy generation and storage options, and are specialists in the commercial, telecoms and residential industries.

Singular renewable power solutions include:

  • Solar PV
  • Solar Thermal
  • Wind Turbines

Hybrid power solutions include a combination of renewable and other sources, which could include any or all of the following:

  • Solar PV
  • Solar Thermal
  • Wind Turbines
  • Diesel Generators
  • Natural Gas Generators
  • Fuel Cells

Renewable Energy Specialist: Johan Roos

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