Meter Reading and Hosting.
Remote meter reading and data hosting services including bill verification, tariff analysis, tenant or sub-billing, power quality reporting and data analysis services.  Remote critical site monitoring including diesel fuel management and reporting services with alarm notification.



Energy audits by the Energy Insight team cover a wide range of applications, including industrial through to commercial, retail, offices, and multi-unit residential complexes.



Energy monitoring and periodic reporting, critical site monitoring, bill verification, demand control, environmental monitoring, benchmarking and cost allocation.



Provisioning of Power Quality studies, including Power Harmonic analyses, Power Factor Correction analyses and recommendation of Harmonic Filtering and Power Factor Correction equipment for a specific facility.



Green Building Consulting Services, GreenStar Analysis, Green Building Accreditation (GBCSA), value add services.



Practical and theoretical studies on various interventions, particularly with regard to Energy and Cost savings, based on practical and real-world data gathered from previous projects.

eiEnterprise software from Energy Insight is an enterprise-class Energy Management Reporting and Billing tool providing the complete solution from meter reading to the billing process.

The software allows Facility managers, Plant managers and Energy managers to consolidate detailed energy consumption and energy billing data for each facility or process in a unified database and to share the information across the enterprise.


eiEnterprise is a scalable and open metering system with unified interface to manage all your energy sources, WAGES – water, air, gas, electricity, steam.The software reads interval metering data either directly from meters (multi-vendor) or from other 3’rd party data sources.

The calculation and tariff engine provides the ability to combine and aggregate metering data in meaningful information to make energy data more intelligent.


eiEnterprise provides the tools to help facilities to reduce energy cost by identifying utility billing errors, reducing operational costs, improving recovery, tracking of energy usage and targets, benchmarking of facilities to identify poor performance, identifying wastage and managing their carbon footprint.

Having a proper system in place provides you with the means to save energy. Saving energy means saving money.


eiEnterprise delivers rich platform and browser real-time visualization. It addresses any application from a single meter to an entire facility or multi-site enterprise.

User-definable dashboards deliver the intuitive graphical visualization including trending and reporting of complex data and graphics.


Myenergybill is a cost-effective internet subscription based energy information and reporting service, that provides customers with online information on energy usage.

The eiEnterprise software suite from Energy Insight is an enterprise-class Energy Management Reporting and Billing solution which provides a complete solution from meter reading to the billing process.

Energy Managers, Plant Managers, Property owners and Facility Managers can focus on their core business, while we provide you with accurate energy management information and other value added services.


Energy Insight is a technology company in the Energy Sector, with decades of management experience with leading technology companies. This reflects a good reputation among current customers, with values of integrity, trust, dependability and effectiveness.  Our graduate and certified Engineers are completely equipped in electrical, electronic, mechanical and IT engineering, with Directors that were lecturers during the course of their careers within the energy field of expertise.

Energy Insight is a level 2 B-BBEE Contributor