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LV Statcom in the Manufacturing Sector

The manufacturing processes at the heavy-engineering VAE Plant in Isando, Gauteng, create an electrical demand profile from the local supply authority that is very dynamic in nature, with processes switching on and off throughout the day.

In a drive to reduce the annual electrical energy purchases from the local supply authority, the VAE plant in Isando, Gauteng,  installed a 314kW Rooftop Solar PV Plant in 2014.

The dynamic nature of the load, as well as the injection of Unity Power Factor (PF=1) energy from the Rooftop PV,  has rendered normal static switched-capacitor type of Power Factor Correction unfeasible, and therefore a STATCOM (Static Synchronous Compensator) was proposed. The case study describes the unique requirements, as well as the favourable outcome of the project.

Author: Johan Roos

Case Study 1 – LV STATCOM in Manufacturing Sector