GPRS Telemetry

The GSM/GPRS technology quickly conquers the professional telemetry applications market and gets the advantage over the radio modem solution being used commonly up to now. The wide areas of applications include:

  • Environmental monitoring and protection
  • Water & Sewage systems
  • Agriculture
  • Forestry
  • Power & Gas Industries

GPRS Telemetry Benefits

The basic benefits of wireless GSM/GPRS systems are the following:

  • Low cost
  • Short time of implementation
  • No investment in communications Infrastructure
  • Unlimited distance between sites - subject to GSM coverage
  • No complicated antenna systems
  • Fast access to information
  • Growth in customer satisfaction
  • Easy diagnostics
  • Immediate messaging on important events, alarms to maintenance personnel
  • Easy maintenance and repair time
  • Cost savings (remote meter reading, remote diagnostics, reduction of trips to site)


Energy Insight offers a wide range of devices, software and services for GSM/GPRS/GPS wireless systems being used for remote measurements, data logging, control, diagnostics and object location.

  • Battery Powered Telemetry Modules (MT-703, MT-713)

  • MT-703, MT-713

  • Basic Telemetry and Control (MT-301, MT-302, MT-303, MT-304)

  • MT-301

  • Professional Telemetry and Control (MT-101, MT-102)

  • MT-101, MT-102, MT-202

  • GPS Location and Vehicle Monitoring (MT-211)

  • ML-211


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